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Mission Statement

The Iraq Network was created in 2021 and developed to respond to the growing needs of both potential employees and employers throughout Iraq. There has been a long-standing gap in the range of services that jobs networking platforms have made available in Iraq. We believe in small business, improving employment opportunities, community initiatives, and diversification of the economy.

We also believe in ground-up approaches, grass roots groups, and giving a voice to the community to express opinions and create calls for action. The Iraq Network has a non-for-profit methodology, seeking out business and innovation alongside private funded ventures to create a diversified portfolio of investors. The goal is to create a sustainable platform that can expand in services and give back to the community without compromising our core principles, mission statement, and our community.

Core Principles

The Iraq Network follows these six core principles

Livelihoods is key in achieving improved living conditions and a better 'way of life' in Iraq. Jobs, income generation, and business means increased prosperity and income equality. Our core principle is to help create jobs and business and improve the lives of all. This is key to all aspects of a happy life.


Neutrality shows we have no political, religious, ethnic or external influence or focus. We are not influenced by any groups, political parties, or agendas. The Iraq Network's aim is to cover all of Iraq. We acknowledge there is diversity within Iraq, so our aim is to support all and include all.


Transparency is a core principle we have in place to mitigate corruption, fraud and bias. Our organisation has clear guidelines, procedures, policies, and evidence based reporting to our community and donors.


Learning is our goal to improve from feedback. This platform is dynamic and robust, and we acknowledge we are all constantly learning, improving and adapting to the context and creating innovative approaches and tools. Learning creates skills, knowledge and wisdom.

Innovation is part of the learning and improvements for the platform is a general concept of innovation and diversifying markets and networks in Iraq. Innovation is a core concept of our online platform and bringing in new ideas, pre-existing proven innovations in industries and other countries, and using technology to innovate the job market and accessibility to it.

Respect of all community members, their ideas, opinions, actions, and feedback. Ensuring that we don't judge or refute the community. All ideas and concepts are respected and valued as long as they do not oppose our principles and human rights.

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