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  • Why does the Iraq Network exist?
    The reason we created the Iraq network is for the goal to: Have a consolidated platform to discuss all aspects of Iraq society and life Allow businesses to promote themselves and have a voice Improve employability and facilitate job creation and recruitment to jobs Promote and facilitate cultural and art events Help anyone in Iraq to ask questions and get answers to create a database of knowledge Facilitate entrepreneurship, donations, community groups, helping in the community, and caring for each other
  • Who runs the Iraq Network?
    The Iraq Network is run by a group of locals and expats, including from the Kurdish, Arab, Christian, and Turkman communities amongst others. We aim to diversify our team by having representation from all Iraq, including ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, location, languages, social status, Visa/residency status etc.
  • What if I can't find a relevant FAQ?
    If your question isn't answered, please email us at or fill out the form on the contact page.
  • Where is the Iraq Network based?
    The Iraq Network is based Internationally. All content, opinions, staff, and conceptualization are based overseas in relevant locations. Our host base is in Erbil, Kurdistan through supporting staff. All activity and hosting services are online and in the cloud. Staff of the Iraq Network are based around the world, but predominantly in Iraq/Kurdistan. Contact to the site can be achieved through
  • How does the Iraq Network make money?
    It doesn't! Until this section is updated, we work on a deficit and spend money to keep this website running. We hope to keep it running from investments from donors, advertising, etc. But as of now, this is a 100% personally funded website.
  • What is the Iraq Network?
    Iraq Network is a community-led collection of tools, partners, and supports to facilitate the goals of creating a: Community to discuss and share thoughts and knowledge, and ask questions Job search and support platform to improve employment in Iraq Training listings so the community can build personal capacity and knowledge Event listings so the community can access hobby events, music festivals, art showings, talks, workshops, media events, business events, and other cultural events Business listings to create a database of businesses to access goods and services in Iraq Donation facilitation towards good causes and vulnerable families in need News on what's happening in, or impacts, Iraq We endeavour to add functions, tools, and support as we identify them and have the ability to implement. The Iraq Network was created in 2020, and has been improving and developing since. So far, the Iraq Network is fully funded by the owners, but are open to advertising funds and donors to keep it operating.
  • What is the Iraq Network Privacy and Confidentiality policy?
    The Iraq Network privacy and confidentiality policy is very simple: All our content/data is hosted on, so any legal implications around content access, GDPR, legal requests, etc., is based on their policies We will never release any information to any government upon request, but that is superseded by policy above which that company may release based on their own legal requirements and policies Users should be aware that what they submit/post/contribute to the site is public information that anyone could analyse and use to identify the author - which is why we recommend posting anonymously with fake identities if you are submitting any content that could be used against you politically, in the community, or legally
  • What Languages Does the Iraq Network Use?
    The Iraq Network's language is English, to cover most users across varied backgrounds. Secondarily, we aim to translate many words and sections to Sorani Kurdish and Arabic, as these are the two prominent languages in Iraq and Kurdistan. Lastly, we hope to translate to other dialects and languages such as Badini/Kurmanji Kurdish, Turkmen/Turkish, Christian languages, and others. It is very difficult to facilitate these translations based on limitations of automation services/tools online, and also the Iraq Network team and their time and resources to manually translate each word or paragraph on the site which can change or update regularly. Sometimes this is also limited because we don't have a significant number of members who only speak or read in a particular language, which is why English is the focus language used here, as it covers most of the world. We apologise to all those users who don't have their own language represented, but we also would like your feedback on this topic on how to improve. If you would like to volunteer to translate sections to a particular language group, please contact us, we will recognise you in our updates, and can be a reference on your job applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

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